Han Lee's Solo Exhibition
Rain of Joy

Based in New Jersey, Han Lee is a remarkable creative force renowned for his innovative work in new media art and design. With a career spanning two decades, Lee has left an indelible mark on esteemed companies such as CJ, Samsung, Fi New York, Sigient, allm Interactive, as a senior designer and creative director. Collaborating with renowned brands including LG, Hyundai, Scholastic, Time Warner Cable, Nintendo America, Google, and Tencent, Lee's designs have garnered international recognition and earned him prestigious accolades, including the esteemed Webby Awards. Notably, his works have been featured in notable publications such as the TASCHEN book and have captivated audiences worldwide.

Lee's artistic journey has taken him to diverse locations around the globe, where he has performed and exhibited his works. From the vibrant streets of New York City to the cultural hubs of Seoul, Jeju Island, Gwangju, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Jerusalem, and Haifa, his immersive artworks have explored the themes of "Light" and "Time," inviting audiences to emotionally immerse themselves in his creations.

Presenting 'RAIN OF JOY,' his latest media art exhibition and performance, Lee surprises audiences with a gift that promises an interactive dialogue with his artwork. Each gift box unveils a unique experience, underscoring Lee's overarching goal of immersive engagement.

To Lee, rain symbolizes the life force that springs forth through movement. Rain invites us to pause, observe our surroundings, and reminisce about joyful moments. His inventive concept of the 'Rain Room' immerses viewers in a delightful playground, where every action elicits a delightful response from the responsive rain. 'Rain of Joy' beckons the audience to enter a playground of tears of joy, where immersion takes center stage. Han Lee's groundbreaking fusion of technology and art continues to captivate and inspire.

We are proud to announce the highly anticipated interactive media art exhibition, 'RAIN OF JOY.'  This captivating showcase will immerse visitors in a world of projection-mapped interactive artwork, delivering an unforgettable visual experience.

In 'RAIN OF JOY,' a visionary new media artist and multitalented designer, Han Lee presents an exceptional collection of digitally implemented rain-themed installations. Rain, symbolizing the vitality of life in motion, serves as an invitation to pause, observe, and cherish the present moment. It evokes fond memories and cultivates a sense of joy. Lee ingeniously creates an interactive environment that responds to the audience's movements, filling the space with rain that dances and delights in sync with their presence.

A must-see highlight of the exhibition is a live performance by artist Han Lee on June 10th, during the opening ceremony. Lee's captivating music will intertwine seamlessly with the exhibi-tion's centerpiece, 'Rain of Joy,' harmonizing background graphic movements, sound, and visual elements. This multi-sensory experience promises to transcend time, space, and art, elevating the immersive nature of the event to new heights.

Join us at the Garage Art Center, located at 26-01 Corporal Kennedy St., Bayside, NY, from June 10th to June 22nd, 2023, for an unparalleled fusion of art and technology. This unique opportunity allows you to engage with cutting-edge artistic expressions in your own neighborhood, promising an awe-inspiring encounter. 

“Between Design, Technology and Man, there is a delightful sea where I dive deep into.”

“I use a design to solve a problem between an object and a man and call someone to come over to it. I put a technology behind the design to have a passive communication with people who are always curious about inside of a pandora box. Technology gives a spirit to a designed object so that it can interact to man. I always struggle about how my work can interact with audience and how they can enjoy it. It should be fun all the time so any children can play with it.

Thankfully, I have been gifted many talents from my parents and grandparents to make it happens for creative arts and crafts and music. They give great details and make a virtual environment so that people can dive deep into the world I created. I used to use ambient sound to make it extreme such as a rainy sound. I believe rain can bring back many happy things to audience especially when I play a positive piano music under the rainy mood.”

- Han Lee, 2022

To learn more about artist Han Lee, please visit www.hanlee.com.

This program is supported in part by Queens Rising, a multi disciplinary arts celebration created to highlight the borough's culture and creative diversity.

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