'Glue Gun Painting on Canvas'
with artist Dong Hee Lee

Dong Hee Lee is an artist based in New York. She received her BFA in 2009 and MFA in 2012, both from Long Island University C.W. Post, NY. Her work has shown in many domestic and international art fairs and exhibits such as NYU Langone Medical Center, Hutchins Gallery Brookville, Yegam Art Space, Hillwood Art Museum, and Korean Culture Center in Washington D.C., also participated Portal Art Fair, Miami Red Dot Art Fair, Governors Island Art Fair, and Fountain Art Fair, Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair, SEOUL OPEN ART FAIR in Korea. And her work has been featured in the Times Ledger, the Washington Post, HYPERALLERGIC, Art Report, NY Korean Times, Fine Art Magazine, and the Epoch Times to name a few.

Dong Hee Lee's artworks are inspired by generative power and mysteries of our physical and spiritual realities. In her three-dimensional works, she boldly creates pieces of sculpture and installation using an unusual method: hot glue from a glue gun. She uses hot glue to create biomorphic forms that transform the infinity within the human mind and body. Dong Hee constructs shape and connected form to resemble cells within the human body, especially on replicating the structure of the human egg.

Beyond a single cell, she continues to create a lacy mesh of open net surfaces that possess individual shapes but also exhibit an interconnected nature. As a result, her works reveal the different cellular stages of a human embryo.

Taking her work to another realm, she worked with photographers and professionals in the fashion industry to express the beauty of birth. In one of the projects called 'Metamorphosis', she created small-scale sculptures, skillfully playing with objects and even natural elements. 'Metamorphosis' was published in several magazines and became popular. She unveiled a unique approach to thinking about birth in different contexts.

This workshop provided an experience to create a painting using a hot glue gun.

During 90 minutes of the hands-on workshop, artist Dong Hee Lee introduced new materials (hot glue), techniques, and concepts, then demonstrated how to create a painting using a hot glue gun on canvas. Participants created their art by drawing a simple design on the canvas with a pencil and then tracing it using the hot glue gun.

After the glue got settled, participants painted over the glue and the canvas with acrylic colors. While the artworks were drying, participants also had a chance to see the process of making a sculpture using hot glue and took their finished paintings home after the workshop.

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