Artist Talk: Infrared Photographs
by Photographer Dan Rubin

Photographer Dan Rubin began working with black and white 35mm film, but moved to digital imaging in 2003. Among his current interests is infrared photography, which is greatly facilitated by digital technology. With New York as his palette, Dan's rich range of subjects and themes has been exhibited in Manhattan and Queens. In 2018, his solo exhibit Tribal Baroque: Moments and Metamorphoses explored various camera and processing techniques to show how still photography can capture moments of performance that can't be experienced in real time by the human eye. Solar-Lunar Suite for Four Seasons, his collaborative video with Tina Seligman, was screened at the 2016 International Film Festival. His images can be seen at and through his video collaborations with Tina Seligman.

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To watch artist Tina Seligman's video in collaboration with Dan Rubin's photography Chromatic Suite: Prelude please click here.

  • Past Event
  • In this talk Dan presented infrared photographs he has taken in various parks and public gardens in the NYC area over the past several years and discuss the process. The subjects of the photos are scenes of the natural world - trees, flowers, skies, water - that exist in the midst of our densely built and populated environment and thus may be appreciated as urban oases. Since infrared light is not visible to the human eye, Dan processed the images to have fanciful colors that suggest the unseeable nature of the infrared spectrum.

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